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We record audio and video - We edit, mix, master records and promote artists - We offer training for musicians

::: Meet the Team

::: Andrew Ahuurra



Ahuurra Andrew is a Ugandan composer born in 1987. Blending a variety of musical styles, much of his work incorporates unique East African influences and rhythms to complement his foundation in Western classical music.

Ahuurra began making music at the age of six when he started playing piano, and in later years he made soundtracks for TV series, short films, and commercials. He has also worked for several years as a sound engineer and producer with many of Uganda's most celebrated musicians.

::: Paul Kazibwe


Paul Kazibwe is a Producer and Sound Engineer from Kampala Uganda. He brings a unique music experience with his "dramatic" beats and exciting use of samples and instruments that transports the listener to his world of stories. His style defies contemporary genres drawing inspiration from alternative music and ethnic (african) sounds.

Paul (a.k.a PK), started his music journey at the age of 10 having grown up playing local drums and keyboard in church. Over the years he has focussed more on making music for games, motion pictures and TV. He also works as a sound engineer at his local church.

::: Isaiah Muchunguzi


Isaiah Mucunguzi is a music composer and producer from Kampala, Uganda who creates a variety of sounds that express different atmospheres and moods through integration or fusion of a wide range of genres especially through sampling. He creates music genres ranging from pop, trance, Rnb, Trap, dubstep, rap among others. His style of music is inspired by producers like Timberland, Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams and Mike will. He started off at 13yrs making drum loops on old Yamaha PSR keyboards and later advanced to using multi-track recorders and eventually DAWs at a later age. He has created tracks/ beats for many artists in the Uganda music industry as well as soundtracks for adverts and documentaries.

::: Latest News

Release of ::: LILY White ::: Single
August 19, 2013
Quad-A Records released ::: LILY Whites ::: Secound single...

August 27, 2013
Quad-A Records released a new Television Advert for the ne Petroleum.

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Quad-A | Records is comprised of professional audio engineers, audio technicians, and integration experts.

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